Conference Workshop

Conference Workshop

You Are In Control 2012
Workshop 2: Art & Design Workshop
Art Collaboration

Tracey Moberly's work as an interdisciplinary artist includes mass participation and new technology. Tracey's show 'Tweet-Me-Up' included contributions from underground counter cultures from around the world in the form of digital work in film, photography, music, art, instagrams and tweets from hundreds of artists and the public. During and following after the workshop participants will be able to collaborate with Tracey on creating some digital content that could be included in her forthcoming show at Tate Britain in London - part of The Great british Art Debate - that explores themes of identity.

On the day of the workshop, participants are invited to bring with them existing digital images of themselves and their families (for example they could take a photo on their camera phone of an old family photo) and also to download the application Instagram onto their phones.

Tracey Moberly, Artist (UK)
Moderator: Dorothee Kirsch, Director, Icelandic Arts Centre (IS)