un-convention primavera


unconvention primavera

june 2011

Un-convention conference as part of Primavera Pro, Barcelona, Spain

Un-Convention - Spaces: the unique live experience
Friday May 27 / 12:15pm / Conference Hall 3
Language: English

Gigs in train stations, museums, libraries and on boats - we look at how to use public spaces to create unique gigging experiences. Speakers: Nick Luscombe (Musicity), Ruth Daniel (Un-Convention), Tracey Moberly (The Foundry), David Taylor (British Sea Power), Jon Drape (Ear to the Ground). Moderator: John Robb (Membranes/Goldblade UK).

Un-Convention - Curation: Crowds and profitability of festivals
Friday May 27 / 1:45pm / Conference Hall 3
Language: English

How to programme to turn a festival into an interesting and extraordinary event? How to programme, attract and negotiate with artists, selecting and using spaces, and, in essence, create festivals that are attractive for the public and make them profitable. Speakers: Martin Elbourne (Glastonbury), Luke Unabomber (Electric Elephant), Fernando Javier León Jacomino (Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba). Moderator: Howard Monk (The Local).

Un-Convention - Sustainability for artists
Friday May 27 / 4:00pm / Conference Hall 3
Language: English

The music paradigm has changed in recent years, and live concerts have become an essential part of the income of artists. Some of these artists will explain how they work to make live concerts their main source of income. Speakers: Fer Isella (artist and Limbo Music, Argentina), Jon McClure (Reverend Soundsystem), Lil’Fee (The Whip), Ben Watkins aka Juno Reactor (musician, film score writer – The Matrix), Mark Meharry (MusicGlue). Moderator: Steve Lowes (manager and Backstreet Int. Mech).