Siminn Workshop, Iceland

Siminn Workshop, Iceland

05 November 12

You Are In Control 2012
(re)discover Reykjavík Siminn Mobile Phone Workshop
Tracey Moberly

Mobilography* creates a visual language which captures symbols and works of art in your immediate environment.

Tracey Moberly uses the portable technology of her mobile phone to collect her images building up a contemporary visual narrative of her life and immediate environment

For this workshop, the environment is Iceland, a country I have never visited before. I bring a fresh set of eyes to view a new landscape. My only reference to the country is through conversations with others.

We will (re)discover Reykjavik through the informality of the mobile phone image.
08:30 - 12.30

*Mobilography [f. mobilis (lat.) - movable + grapho (gr.) - to write] is a branch of photography that creates pictures using such devices with built-in cameras, as cellular phones, palm pilots, compasses, binoculars, lighters, etc, not originally intended to be used for professional photography.

sample images...